Unlock your company’s potential

A shared task management platform that brings the company together.

Our aim is to make relevant information easily available to everyone in the company.

Better communication, better teamwork – for all.

How does it work?

Unlock your company’s potential

En felles oppgaveplattform som knytter bedriften sammen. Vårt mål er å gjøre relevant kunnskap lett tilgjengelig for alle roller.

Bedre kommunikasjon, bedre sammarbeid – for alle.

Bedre kommunikasjon, bedre sammarbeid –
for alle.

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Not just a task management platform

More Service is more than just a task platform where you solve your tasks.

We are advisors who assist our clients in making collaboration easy, making knowledge easily accessible to everyone, and automating manual functions.

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How it works

Steg 1

Make relevant

knowledge accessible

You’ll ensure that relevant knowledge is easily accessible for all roles.

Steg 2

Connecting departments

Connections happen when you make collaboration easy within and between departments.

Steg 3

Automation makes everything SMOOTH

Automation takes care of some of the manual functions, making your work “SMOOTH”!

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