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Do like over 200.000 other users

“We provide all IT services to the entire Nortura Group. In a month, we bring in up to 2000 cases, and then we need a tool that provides good support when we need to resolve them and follow them up ”.

Dan F. Johannesen
Department Manager, MATIQ

“When we approached More Service, one of their consultants arrived and arranged a workshop here at Aker ASA, and within three hours was helpdesksolution operational “.

Ronny Mølnvik 
IT Consultant, Aker ASA

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Easy interaction with end users

More Service has chatbot where users themselves can find help to find solution, chatbot solution does not find user will switch to chat with support personnel. The solution also has a smart search function for documentation and FAQ.
More Service can receive and send info to social media and email, such More Service becomes a central communication channel for all sources.

Tailor your work surface

Designed for flexibility and scalability. The solution works right out of the box and can be customized with your preferences. Customize workflow, display window and templates exactly as you want them. More Service has the flexibility to adapt to your support needs

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Make smart decisions with your support

With a powerful reporting engine and pre-defined reports, you can measure and improve your customer service. You will find out how satisfied your customers are and you can analyze the organization’s delivery. More Service is a bit like wearing glasses for the first time. Suddenly everything becomes much sharper.