More Service

Operation of building & Real Estate in
facility management

Operating Unit, illustration

Operating Unit, illustration

Take control with More Service Facility

Take control of comprehensive operating tasks with More Service.
Check lists and routines are necessary for buildings and technical installations. Because you want to work proactive, and ensure them to function at all times.
Facility management includes installations, water supply, energy, cleaning, renovation and much more. and More Service simplify and improve the operation.




More Service organize your tasks easily and clearly

Service  requests

Easily record and process work orders and service requests.

SLA Management

Register agreements to ensure the quality of your services for proper follow-up.


Handle and schedule agreed maintenance in a simple way.

More Service Portal

Your customers can register inquiries and find answers 24/7 in More Service Portal. They can also follow their own registered cases, and search in the FAQ. And even get help via chatbot and chat.


Register and keep track of resources. You can also automate reminders when warranty or contract time expires. And get a natural overview of what to follow up. All through our inventory module (More Service Assets).

Property management

Register all your locations, buildings and rooms. And get a complete overview.