More Service

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Research shows that the companies that are the best at delivering customer value and have the best long-term relationships are the ones with the most well-managed HR processes. In this way, companies can make HR an effective support for employees. Digitize the HR service and give employees more service More Service.

After all, employees are the company’s greatest resource

Improve the employee experience and increase their satisfaction with an intuitive self-service portal (More Service Portal) for HR-related services.

Free your HR team from routine tasks. HR issues and service requests can be automated, recorded and digitally channeled from the self-service portal to various queues. This will free your team from phone calls and shared inboxes that need to be handled manually.

Help executives stay up-to-date with instant grouping of cases and easy-to-read reports. Governance, demand, resource and cost management are transparent with our user-friendly More Service service management solution.