For everyone

who wants to write about us or use elements of our brand. This media page contains wishes and guidelines for use and reference to our brand

Media, when writing about us, illustration

Media guidelines for use and manipulation of icon and logo

We encourage the creative use of the icon’s shape and color. And therefore have few restrictions on how you can use the icon or logo. But you shall not use it for something that is or may be offensive for political views, religious views, or sexual orientation. Violation of these restriction will be pursued by us or/and your local jurisdiction. We also reserve the right to change the guidelines for using our market material, (logo, branding, icon, print).

When you write about

Please do mention us as or in bold text; more service – both alternatives with a link to our main site. Alternatively, you can write it as a name (first and last name) like More Service. This way it stands out for what it actually is; a name – which also makes the text easier to read and understand (win-win).

Use of More Service icon

The More Service icon

The icon should be presented on a white background when presented in original colors. You are also free to do what you want here in relation to the presentation of the icon, but please give the icon a certain contrast to the background color. We also would be grateful if the color is presented in original colors or in our primary color (#03A9F4). Here are some examples of desired use:

Horizontal logo

Horizontal logo should be used where the field has a minimum width of 200px. The air around the logo should be at least 20px.

A vertical logo is used where the field has a maximum width of 150px. The air around the logo should be at least 20px.