More Service
Change Management

With More Service change management module, the changes can be performed without mistakes.

Gone are the days of one large change every 36 months. Organizations are facing faster, more complex, more interdependent and more cross-functional change than ever before.

Being able to deliver results on multiple changes allows an organization to achieve their strategic vision and thrive in today’s changing landscape.

Applying change management enables organizations to deliver results on each change more effectively and build competencies that grow the organization’s capacity to tackle more changes at one time.

Change Management step-by-step

Especially in the IT and engineering departments, there are frequent changes that can lead to errors afterwards, due to a lack of communication, approval, testing and other things.
I More Service change management easily manages complex processes and breaks them down into simple steps for follow-up:
  • Describe the change you want to make
    – In few words, describe the essence of the change
  • Analyze risk and impact
    – Analyze the work you plan for, and also risks involved for vital components.
  • Testing
    – Describe test procedure, and send it to appointed testers.
  • Approve the change
    – Send complete documentation fra More Service Change to CAB (Change Advisory Board) members. Then CAB members approve / disapprove by email.
  • Make the change (set in production)
    – Execute change, and then document the result.
  • Evaluate
    – Evaluate the full change management process, and consider whether to make it a standard change.
  • History log
    – All the change tabs have their own history log with all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Information tab
    – Showing the full history log with tag to which spesific tab it belongs.
In More Service the change module is fully integrated with the service desk module. And provides intuitive guidance for those involved in the change throughout the process.
In brief, the reward of a good change management process is full overview of changes and fewer errors.