More Service

A logical model of corporate infrastructure

CMDB illustration

Events can be resolved more quickly if you use a CMDB that presents a logical model of the company’s infrastructure.
This will provide more knowledge and control over the infrastructure of how it all ties together.

The CMDB (Configuration Management Database) or system map presents a logical model of the company’s infrastructure, giving you more control over how the infrastructure is interconnected and faster resolving incidents that occur.
From the object (CI) in the CMDB (system map). you have a complete overview of registered cases, changes made, monitoring alerts, simple notes, documentation and details.
Troubleshooting becomes easier and when CMDB can be viewed from different angles.
CMDB is searchable and teasable across all objects (CIs), and it is easy to change the angle of view.
For example, select customer, and see what systems, services and networks the customer uses. Select system that has failed and create operation message directly from object (CI). The operating message can be sent via e-mail and posted as info on the More Service Portal.
More Service Discovery will help you and fill CMDB with relevant information.
Documentation for quick decisions and solving tasks that increase productivity are just a click away.