More Service: 

Billing services is an important part of many businesses’ daily lives. Without money, positions will not be maintained. It is important to train agents and consultants to manage hours and document work done. More Service Invoice is a billing module that makes this easy. Hours, toll costs, travel expenses and ordered materials for the customer can easily be entered in the work log.

Tailor-made for consulting services

More Service invoicing supports differentiation of the price of various consulting services.
  • Keeping travel expenses between office and place of work
  • Own choice for customer invoicing in the work log
  • Clearly shows what is invoiced and not invoiced at all times
  • Assign additional rights to be able to change text, time entry.

Other benefits:

  • The parameters can be transferred to a separate invoice basis
  • Text and price can be edited in invoice documents
  • The case is locked to show that the entry is invoiced
  • Information is archived
  • Everything is updated automatically
    Invoice documentation can easily be integrated into an accounting system.