More Service
Operating Unit

Operating Unit, illustration

The IT department often has a professional service management system, while other departments register tasks in Excel sheets and on yellow notes. With the More Service Operating Unit, we make it much easier for all of the organization’s departments to work in a professional system.

The IT department

In the IT department, it was understood early on that the scope of services to be delivered was so large that if IT services were to be delivered with the expected quality and within a reasonable time, then one would need to manage this properly. This is where the Service Management systems were introduced to ensure that cases were registered, transferred to the appropriate case manager, that the user/customer was given ongoing information, and to ensure that cases did not end up between two chairs. Many introduced deadlines for the delivery of the services and made reports showing how well or poorly the delivery of services was controlled.


The other departments

Now departments such as HR, customer service, facility management, and finance are also eyeing the benefits of working in a service management system. Our solutions are tailor-made for their work area.


With More Service Operating Unit, departments can interact across even though each department works with fundamentally different work tasks, using different templates, categories, statuses, documentation, and more.

 We want to help anyone who somehow works with service away from Excel sheets and yellow sheets and towards more automation and more productivity, tailored for every department. 

NB! Only the Enterprise package provides the opportunity for multiple Operating Units. The Basic package gives you only one Operating Unit.