More Service

Based on Prince2 and
Difi project frameworks

A complete project management tool for your organization, integrated with More Service Service Desk.  Offers a role based or simplified personal work flow.

Project management for small and large organizations

This More Service module has everything you need to manage small and large projects. Make use of templates, interactive GANTT charts, resource management, roles, reports, nonconformity management and handover to your advantage. All this is is built-in and makes up a complete and easy to use system.

Ease of use

Enjoy a intuitive user interface experience. A user-friendly software that prevents you from having to get lost, confused, guessing, experimenting, reading a manual book, or even asking the others.


  • Overview of all projects in one place
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Add documents
  • Built-in milestones
  • Create, distribute and follow up the tasks in the More Service Service Desk
  • Create a timeline
  • Create GANTT charts and set real-time dependencies using drag and drop.
  • Prioritize and visualize
  • Resource management
  • Collaboration
  • Follow up the participants with task reminders
  • Check the outcome
  • Reporting
  • Manage the budget.
  • Handover