More Service

More Service  = increased ability to give more services = more satisfied useres!
Users can follow the status of registered cases in the More Service Portal and further communicate with the technician assigned to the case in the portal.

Illustration, User Portal

With More Service Portal, internal colleagues and external customers / partners experience faster and better service. The More Service Portal self-help portal allows end-users to report, order, and get the information they need at the right time.

The More Service Portal makes it easy for end users (internal colleagues and external customers / partners) to report errors, order and request other support. With single signon you are logged into the portal with one click ..

With drag-and-drop functionality, forms are defined by end users when ordering. And orders can be set up with their own workflows and approval procedures.

The More Service Portal is closely integrated with the Knowledge Database in More Service, and provides relevant self-help information when the end user reports incorrectly or wants support. The same knowledge database also provides the content through regular search and chatbot.

Chat has become a popular channel for end users and is offered as a service in the More Service Portal.
Maybe the end user only wants to relate to the chatbot, which offers all the aforementioned services in an intuitive and enjoyable dialogue. And if the chatbot can’t even respond, it can carry the dialogue over to chat with an agent (case manager).
Important operational messages are placed centrally on the More Service Portal so that end users know where to look if they suspect a problem affecting more.
This comprehensive self-help portal is customized to the Customer’s design so that the end users feel that they are using the Customer’s service. More Service Portal can be integrated with existing intranet solutions or in SharePoint.
The More Service Portal is designed in responsive design so that end users have all these services available on their mobile in their pockets 24 hours a day every day.