The security and More Service

More Service are very serious when it comes to security. Our goal for information security is to provide stable and secure operation. We focus on making our services safe and intuitive. And we put a lot of effort into protecting your data. This is our highest priority.

Where is my data stored?

More Service store all your data in Norway. And the system is running in our own modern data center in Larvik. More Service also store customers’ data in separate databases.


Expected uptime is 99.5% or higher. Because our goal is to provide world-class uptime.

Data transfer

We encrypt all communication sent between our customers and us. So the data sent to and from More Service uses SSL with 256 bit encryption. And the security level of our SSL certificate is in line with what you would expect in online banking.

Physical security

We need to prevent unauthorized access to physical components. So we locate the More Service servers in access control rooms.

NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

To protect customer information, our employees must sign a confidentiality statement.

We respect your privacy

More Service complies with Norwegian privacy laws and GDPR. Our processing of information follow all relevant laws, regulations and agreements.

Infrastructure security

The network in our data center consists of secure firewall solutions. To ensure data traffic it has several redundant internet lines. And power delivery is secured through UPS with a diesel generator. So the data center is a Tier 4 data center. Which is the highest level of defined data center security.

Follows industry standards

More Service works according to industry standards. And follow the ITIL framework and ISO27001 guidelines. As a result, we deliver More Service as a SaaS solution to large customers with high expectations.