More Service

Asset Management  is a set of business processes designed to manage the lifecycle and inventory of an organization’s assets.

More Service Assets is an inventory module that gives you control over PCs, mobile phones, appointments, licenses and other inventory. You get a complete overview of equipment to be followed up or replaced.

More Service Assets is integrated with the System Map / CMDB. Therefore follow-up is taken to a new digitized level. The result is increased productivity in the organization.. 

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More Service Assets provides

  • Asset Management in More Service gives an overview of all equipment that has a life cycle
  • It’s easy to add inventory by scanning a QR-code or by entering information manually.
  • The inventory is searchable and can be grouped by eg warranty time, so you can reject next year’s purchase of PC.
  • Orders for PC, mobile or other devices can easily be linked to a case for follow-up in our Service Desk.
  • The inventory item can be opened directly with a link to More Service CMDB (System Map) to inspect its “dependencies”. 

More Service Assets is fully integrated with the CMDB. As a result you are put in complete control of all your items.  Maintain important information with ease, such as:

  • Name 
  • Dependencies between inventory items
  • Serial number
  • Service Status
  • Purchase Status
  • Overview of warranty expiration 
  • Inventory responsible 
  • Inventory owner 
  • Model
  • Location
  • Life cycle status 
  • Items related to the inventory
  • Notification limit can be set for minimum quantity in stock
  • Reporting