More Service

When problems should be solved in a more coordinated way with clear follow-up tasks.


Solve your organization’s problems in a coordinated and effective way. With clear follow-up tasks, problems that have been there for a long time are finally solved.

Solving problems systematically

Does your organization experience problems that are complex or have a major negative impact from time to time?
These can be problems that seem difficult to solve without a coordinated follow-up, and where clear follow-up tasks are defined.
In the More Service Problem, those involved in the work on the problem are guided through the process.
  • Register the problem
  • Analyze the problem
  • Define tasks
  • Inform related cases about temporary solution
  • Describe how the problem is solved in its entirety
  • Transfer problem to Change
  • Evaluate
With More Service Problem you achieve efficient and coordinated problem solving, as well as overview of the problems that would have been solved.