More Service

More Service offers a long list of plugins and an open REST API that makes it easy to integrate with external applications.
Customers of a modern Service Desk system expect the possibility of automation. With our integrations you can save time and increase productivity.
Below you will find an overview of some of the integration options.

We also provide technical information at the More Service Docs website.



Information can be exchanged between More Service and Sharefile.


Remote control of the user’s PC can be started straight from the case.

Lync/Skype for Business

Chat, Start meeting or take over the desktop of the end user directly from a case.


Automatically look up More Service as you take your phone. More Service will display information about the caller as well as all active cases and history.


Transferring your items to the calendar in Outlook. In the calendar you can also write logs, record time and change the status of the case.

3rd part systems

Exchanges information between ERP or other subject system from More Service. Our open API makes it very easy to perform this type of integration.

Monitoring Tools

More Service can receive messages from all monitoring tools. In the More Service Agent Portal you can see what the message is, create a case and assign it to an agent. Lookup against Systemkart / CMDB is possible and then gives you more information about what the message entails for the company. If you have to notify users, you can create operational messages directly from Systemkart / CMDB and thus notify the end users via e-mail, More Service Portal or RSS feed.

More Service Remote API 

Live connection to your Active Directory that retrieves updated information about your users. Examples here are the department, position, roles, hardware, team membership, email and phone number. Ensures that you always have the latest data recorded on the user with you. Also allows you to set a new password for the user directly from the Agent Portal. This saves a lot of time so that the matter can be resolved in a sweep.

Social Media

Receive inquiries from Facebook into More Service and reply directly from the Agent Portal. Simplified everyday life by being able to relate to only one interface for all inquiries.

More Service GAPI

A general and open API to More Service’s database. Get info on cases, users, customers, system map objects and much more.

Single Sign-On

Provides easy and secure login for agents / users. Login to their own Active Directory via SAML 2.0 / ADFS. Azure AD is also supported. It is possible to update user information while logging in.

Microsoft Teams

For all businesses, movement and communication are very important to success. Microsoft teams are therefore also on our list of integrations.