More Service

Reports are valuable to the business. It’s all about visualizing the progress of your organization and providing you with the best possible data to make informed decisions. More Service has a powerful tool that can achieve this. It provides a complete selection of reports with an associated dashboard.

Why focus on reports?

Reports provide a visual overview of the data you need to analyze. It also gives you an easy way to share them with your colleagues, managers and other stakeholders by email or dashboards. This way, you get information communicated, so that you get an overview of the situation. They provide valuable decision-making data and point to areas where that should have extra focus.
In the context of ITIL, they can point to areas where there is a disproportionate caseload and where to work proactively – perhaps through ITILs Problem management.

More Service Report

This is where you run your own reports choosing filters such as time, case type, customer, template, CI, agent and team.

You can also group and run drill-down. In this way, analysis can be done directly on real data here and now. This can reveal trends at an early stage and issues are prevented easily .

The reports can be saved and sent to you at scheduled times.

Predefined in More Service you will find:

  • Help desk statistics
  • Trend
  • Time Consumption
  • FAQ
  • SLA on cases
  • SLA on services
  • Changes
  • Overview of cases
  • Root cause
  • Data Dump (Excel Export)

They can all be exported to Excel format for further processing.

The More Service API can also be used to export data to other reporting tools such as Power Pivot.