Who benefits from a service desk system?

Who benefits from a service desk system? Illustration

Which industries can streamline their businesses by utilizing a Service Desk system?

  • Various industries are already using service desk systems: IT departments, HR departments, Property departments, Reception, and Facility management.
  • The department is normally reluctant to use a service desk system.
  • Many managers believe that these tools make the work more time consuming, because you have to register a case and working in a service desk.
  • Why do people think that a service desk system increases the processing time of cases?
  • On the contrary, a service desk will increase interaction, document communication, and secure history.

Automatically record your inquiries

More Service is an intelligent service desk system that is set up and can be used after the first login, within minutes.

  • Send an e-mail to the address in question, and the case(s) will appear inside the service desk.
  • Emails can be auto-registered.
  • Based on the selected service, you can transfer the case to the person or team responsible for the service/task.
  • In the service desk system, you will get a unique overview of all the tasks in the department.

Facility management / caretaker

The caretaker receives a complaint about a malfunctioning toilet that leaks. The case is automatically registered, assigned to the department responsible for the maintenance of toilets. Maintenance is done. With a single keystroke, the case can be concluded with an automatically pre-defined email to the client from the mobile app.


Reception can easily register requests and create cases. Based on the added service from reception, the right apartment can receive and handle the case. It can also easily transfer the case to an archiving system for further follow-up.


HR receives a request for pension benefits. The request is automatically registered to the person requesting the case. The case is automatically assigned to the department/person who is an expert on pension benefits.
The case manager writes a solution proposal and tags the case as a knowledge article. The solution can be reused by another case manager if the request is repeated by others.

Construction Worker/Carpenter

When a carpenter receives an assignment to build a terrace for a customer, the carpenter can send offers from a Service Desk. The offer can be followed up against the customer. The carpenter can follow up on all his customers and have full documentation of what has been done at each customer. This makes the customer satisfied. Hours can be entered for the work and invoice documentation can be added at the expense.
This ensures that all assignments are invoiced.

Use service desk to make your working hours more efficient

IT department, facility management, caretaker, order office, reception, real estate agents, carpenters, hairdressers, all need to plan their working hours.
By classifying inquiries with category and priority, the inquiry with the highest priority will appear in the service desk, and you will focus on tasks that are urgent and important.

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