Why use a service desk system?

Why use a Service Desk, illustration
  • More satisfied customers and colleagues
  • Increase productivity in the department
  • Complete overview of all tasks in your department
  • Keep following up employees smoothly, by properly assign tasks
  • To achieve your goals for the week
  • Have a good night’s sleep.

Service desk is a modern record-keeping system with a service management system with pre-defined workflows, for all types of businesses and departments.

In our Service Desk solution you can automatically or manually register all inquiries send to your department/company from customers and internal colleagues.

The cases can be organized and distributed to agents or teams.

Simple history logs in the case with an overview of all communication with the customer, so you have no doubt what the customer asked for and what was answered.

Easy retrieval of all inquiries, for an agent on the individual customer and employee.

The service desk provides opportunities with requests and interaction.

Because of this tool, you can sleep all night.

Best of all, you can get started with your Servicedesk in 1 minute, it won’t be any easier.

We just wait for you.

Read more at More Service and activate a completely free and non-binding trial period of 60 days.

In minutes, you will have a professional service desk for you and your department.