Implement your Enterprise Service Desk solution in just one minute

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We launched More Service in 2005. And has developed the system as a cloud-based SAAS solution from the start. And now we are launching the market’s first enterprise solution that can be implemented with one click. So we want to share our wonderful solution. And help businesses globally provide more service and improve their productivity.

You can test the solution for 60 days, free of charge.

Register today, and try out our Service Desk for 60 days! It's free and with absolutely no obligations!


It usually takes around 2 years to implement an enterprise service desk solution. The people behind More Service has worked with service management for decades. And we have seen great opportunities to streamline and improve the processes of delivering.
The reason it is so time-consuming to establish such solutions is that many of the solutions out there are a blank shell when you start. So you have to use consultants to help define all work processes and workflows. And consultants use a lot of expensive hours to configure the system.
All customers want to work according to best practices. And comply with international frameworks such as ITIL, ISO etc. So the results of these projects are often with the same outcome. Why then should you do this manual work every single time, knowing where you want to end up?

Technet has defined ITIL work processes and workflows in the solution.

Workflows and interfaces are optimized in collaboration with our customers over a period of 15 years, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution that covers all the functionality needed in an Enterprise Servicedesk out of the box.

Unfortunately, many of the consultancy firms control this market and distribute the software solution to the dominant players in this market. Where the software solution has become a tool for selling consulting hours.

More Service Basic and Enterprise

We have worked for several years to make it even easier to implement More Service. Now we have launched More Service Basic, which means that you as a customer can within 1 minute establish your own servicedesk from ours website and test the solution for free for 60 days.
Today, there are 200.000 users of the solution in Norway More Service Basic, we are now launching the solution internationally. The solution is available today in English and Norwegian versions for the interface of the case managers (agents). And we have Norwegian, English, German and Swedish version for the end user portal.
More Service remove the need for expensive consultants. So you can get started on a complete ITIL based on your own servicedesk in 1 minute.
More Service has 2 different license models Basic or Enterprise. Whatever your choice, you have the same Enterprise Servicedesk solution, but basic has some limitations compared to the Enterprise license. Full overview of what differentiates the 2 licenses you will find here. Start with the Basic license and should you need functionality included in the Enterprise license, you can upgrade the license to the Enterprise license at any time.
Not only is the solution easy to implement. More Service is so fast, efficient and easy to use that it creates energy, enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the everyday lives of the case managers (agents) and customers.
What are you waiting for! Get started here and start using your new service desk free for 60 days.
NB! The service desk sign up to test is not a demo solution. This is service desk implemented for your organization. And you can start using it within 1 minute.

Register today, and try out our Service Desk for 60 days! It's free and with absolutely no obligations!