Secure cooperation and information flow when working at home

Secure cooperation and informative flow when working from home

Many departments find that cooperation and information flow work well when they sit physically together at the workplace but gets more demanding when one or more are working from the home office or are partly in work during vacation time and leave. Inquiries are often received by email or by phone, from internal colleagues or external customers who wish a service delivered by you or your department. And since service deliveries often take most of your time, there will be many emails, yellow notes, as well as information exchanged in direct dialogue.

What happens when the direct dialogue is not there to the same extent?

  • You can quickly lose track of the number of cases that are in process because emails go to individual email addresses at work. 
  • Several people may be partly involved in the case, which could result in working double on a task.
  • Tasks fall between two chairs because of misunderstandings.
  • Since no one completely has a full overview of tasks, it can be difficult to prioritize.
  • One is unable to capture common problems because several people see only a fraction of the whole picture.
  • Colleagues are unable to share knowledge or information about matters effectively. 

More people are discovering how a service desk system acts as a common platform, where you can assign responsibility for various tasks, see the full history of each task, as well as see and comment on all tasks you have the right to see.

With a common overview of outstanding tasks, it becomes easier to prioritize tasks, and important tasks do not fall between two chairs. 

Traditionally only the IT department has used service desk solutions. The trend is that all departments see the need to control tasks and information flow.

With our Operation Unit module, each department in the organization can have its own service desk, while at the same time having full interaction and information flow across departments.

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