How to manage knowledge in a service desk

Illustration, manage knowledge in a Service Desk

For most organizations, knowledge is the most important resource. It often only sits in the minds of those who work in the organization, and you can take it for granted as long as they work there, and you know who to ask if you need to know more about something.

But what happens if colleagues are sick, on leave or on holiday? And even worse, what if they stop(quit)? A lot of valuable information may be unavailable or gone forever.

When you solve a task or challenge, you acquire fresh knowledge or experience skills. If you get the same challenge or task the week after, you remember the solution. It’s not as easy 6 months later. Storing description of tasks/challenges together with the solution in a knowledge database makes it easy to make lookups later. This allows the whole organization to use this experience expertise. You can also highlight the solution proposal in other channels such as via chatbot, faq etc.

More Service Knowledge

You build knowledge article with a single click on the solution in a case in More Service. You specify whether it should be used for services aimed at colleagues or end users/customers – or both. When colleagues work on cases, the knowledge database will continuously check if it has knowledge that could be of use. A clear signal in More Service shows that one or more knowledge articles have been found that may benefit. When information is presented that is useful in the case, you copy the information from the knowledge article into the case.

This is a very valuable way to share knowledge between colleagues – especially for colleagues sitting in different locations. 

Through the daily operational work the knowledge database is built up. You don’t have to do double work to populate the it. This means that employees have more motivation to document better resolution proposals in the cases they resolve, as they know this will come in handy later.

Knowledge and self-help services

More Service also uses relevant knowledge articles towards end users and customers in web portal when:

– registration of cases and orders.

– regular search for information.

– dialogue with chatbot

This allows end users/customers to have their cases resolved immediately through self-help, while the pressure on the support departments decreases. In this way, agents can spend their time solving more complex cases and issues.

The self-help services are available to end users 24 hours a day every day. 

More Service is designed for all of your organization’s departments.