Should it be so difficult to buy a service management system?

Why is it so hard to buy a Service Desk?

Professional buyers in the business-to-business (B2B) market are making an ever-growing part of the buying process on their own and with their colleagues. According to the renowned research and consulting company Gartner only 17% of the time is spent in the purchasing process in dialogue with potential suppliers. A sea of ​​information must be matched to desires and requirements, before looking at different solutions and trying to evaluate these against each other.

Often, the buying process loops, and you end up procrastinating the entire purchase, and are stuck with the challenges or missed opportunities for improvement that you had identified.

About the B2B buying process, Gartner says that while it may be difficult to be a seller in today’s B2B market, it is actually even more tedious and demanding to buy.

With More Service we work continuously to make our work easier and faster for our customers, by providing an efficient and intuitive service management system / case management system. In our spirit of making everyday life easier and more efficient, we have made sure to automate the purchasing process, implementation, training and support in a subscription solution we call More Service Basic.

And we should not judge More Service for you, but gives you 60 days free trial so you can test it yourself.

I More Service Basic you get:

  • Free and immediate implementation
  • 60 days free trial
  • Integrated user guides
  • Online support
  • 25% cheaper license cost compared to More Service Enterprise
  • 1 month notice period

Starting with professional service management / case management has never been so easy.

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