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Help Desk is also suitable for small businesses

  • Smart features in More Service provide better incident management and increased productivity. Experience more satisfied customers and increased profitability in the company.
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Easy automatic registration of inquiries.
  • Merge similar requests to streamline messages to your customers.
  • Including End User Portal
  • You can use the solution in different departments
Increased productivity gives fewer complaints better case handling, more satisfied customers and not least increased profitability in the company.
The best of all it takes only secunds to implement the solution.
You can upgrade to Enterprise at any time.
You have all the modules available and can activate the modules you need at any time.

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What is a help desk?

The term “help desk” is often used for all forms of customer support or support, but help desk is really a way of organizing support.

Initially, the help desk was a counter that customers could turn to for help, or a phone number they could call. The help desk was therefore often also called a “call center”. As everyone has accessed the Internet, online solutions and automated support have become commonplace. You may also come across terms like “support center”, “response center”, “customer center” and the like.

A simple definition of help desk is:
“A help desk is a key point where problems and errors are reported, recorded, managed and resolved.”

In its simplest form, a help desk is just a phone number, an email address, a website or a counter, where someone receives inquiries and tries to solve problems. In many companies, for example, such a user support service is run by employees with IT expertise.
Essentially, customers and users have a single point of contact for any queries or problems they may have with IT department.
A help desk can either be internal for the company’s own employees (user support) or external for the company’s customers (customer support). Regardless, the purpose of creating a help desk is to organize the support in the most efficient way possible. The goal is to make the best use of resource.
  • Reduce the response time (the time it takes a user to report a problem until someone starts working on the problem).
  • To reduce service time (the time it takes for someone to start working on the problem until it is resolved).
  • Minimize the cost of support


What is the difference between service desk and help desk?

The IT industry is an expert on 3-letter abbreviations and several words that describe the same function. An example is the words service desk and help desk.
Many people use the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) library as a guide in the provision of IT services. 
Helpdesk: A contact point for users to log events. A help desk is usually more focused on the technical than a service desk and does not offer a single point of contact for all types of inquiries. The term help desk is often used as a synonym for service desk, although this is not always the same.
Service Desk: The only point of contact between the service provider and users. A typical service desk handles episodes, service requests, and user communications.
Thus, itSM considers a help desk to be a more unique – and technical – function, while service desk is a single point of contact and service for all users.
When the concept of service desk was introduced, the idea was probably that a service desk is more strategic and across different business functions. In daily speech, the terms are used interchangeably, and in practice they cover the same way. In “old days” it was called support, “PC help”, and the like.
More important than using one term or another is how to service the business. Far more functions than IT receive service inquiries that need to be resolved and followed up. Some examples are professional requests for finance / finance, ordering new hires, moving and resigning to HR, inquiries to the janitor and ordering overtime food for the canteen.
Both service desk and help desk describe a function that provides service, receives various inquiries, answers and follows them up. We think the word “service” is important, and therefore recommend using the term service desk. This is also one of the reasons why our software is called More Service. In More Service, you can start with a simple Helpdesk and extend the solution to a full Service Desk as the organization matures.
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Register today, and try out our Service Desk for 60 days! It's free and with absolutely no obligations!