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Enterprise Service Desk

An Enterprise Service Desk should be something more than just a collection of features, it should help you provide better service with minimal effort.



This is a intelligent Enterprise Service Desk solution with Personal follow-up and tailor-made integrations. This is the first Enterprise solution you can implement in seconds.

Manage service delivery across various business functions from a unified platform.

What is enterprise service management?

“Extending IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases. Managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog. And speeding up innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tooling.” – Charles Betz, Forrester

Why do organizations need enterprise service management?

To better contribute to business, employees need various services from IT, HR, Facilities, Legal, Travel, and other departments. Being the forerunner of technology in businesses. IT teams have streamlined their service delivery based on proven ITSM best practices like ITIL, and implemented Enterprise Service Desk tools to manage their processes. However, most other departments still handle their requests through email, and maintain them on a spreadsheet or through siloed legacy apps. Add in the lack of established processes and best practices, and delivering services efficiently becomes a challenge.

Digital transformation has revolutionized the customer experience across verticals. It’s important that businesses extend the same level of consumer-focused service delivery to their internal audience as well. One way to do this is ensure a consistent, seamless service delivery experience across business functions.

What are the key challenges of ESM ?

While most business functions leverage technology to deliver services, inconsistent processes and disparate tools can result in broken service delivery. CTOs may struggle to unify their organization’s siloed Enterprise Service Desk and various tools to deliver a fulfilling end-user experience. Some of the key challenges of ESM include:

  • Onboarding departments on a single service management platform.
  • Deploying a unique service desk for each business function.
  • Providing business functions with enough autonomy with respect to people, data, and processes.
  • Allowing users to access services across the enterprise from a single portal.
  • Extending proven ITSM best practices to other business functions.
  • Many enterprise service desk tools that are complex and not user friendly.

How Can More Service Enterprise Service Desk help?

Problem, illustration

Unified service
management platform

manage your organization’s users, control organization-level configurations, and maintain individual Enterprice Service Desk from a central console. With a user friendly workspace.


Remove any hurdles to enterprise service desk deployment, by allowing business functions to create and launch their own instance in less than 60 seconds.

One minute from a fully functional Service Desk, illustration
Operative Unit, Illustration

Unique Enterprise Service Desk instances

Provide departments with the necessary autonomy to maintain unique request templates and automations, as well as their own CMDB and service catalog. Service Desks are most used by the IT-department, use of enterprise service desk for non-it departments are growing fast. Read more

Single Enterprise Service Desk portal

Allow users to access various Service Desk instances from a central enterprise self-service portal. Read more

User Portal, Illustration
Solve your cases, illustration

Out-of-the-box best practices

Leverage  More Service Enterprise Service Desk built-in process automation and service management capabilities to streamline services across business departments.

The intelligent Enterprise Service Desk

Everything in the solution is designed to be connected. Every daily tasks are stored in the knowledge base and CMDB, so you can use the information in chatbot, FAQ, etc. Everything is interconnected in an intelligent way that provides a more efficient, user-friendly and more productive way of working. Read more

Integrations, Illustration, Alle modules are conected to everything.
Chatbot illustration

Integrated Chatbot

Chatbot an integrated digital colleague you can count on 24/7.
The crucial part is the information it gets, and the integrations it has with the other services provided. More Service Enterprise Service Desk have made that easy for our Customers. Read more

Project manangement

A complete project tool for your organization, integrated with More Service Enterprise Service Desk. Role-based approval if desired. At the same time, it can also be used for simple personal projects. Read more

Project, illustration
Integration, illustration

Flexibel integrations

More Service Enterprise Service Desk offers a long list of plugins and an open REST API that makes it easy to integrate with external applications.
Customers of a modern Service Desk system expect the possibility of automation. With our integrations you can save time and increase productivity. Read more

Register today, and try out our Service Desk for 60 days! It's free and with absolutely no obligations!

What plans and pricing options are available?

More Service Enterprise Service Desk is a subscription that gives the Customer access to personal advice and support. The subscription also offers the possibility of tailor-made integrations and use More Service in several operating organizations. See the complete pricing model here.

For many Customers will More Service Basic be the right solution, with standard workflows and setups, as well as extended online support and integrated user guides.

And for some Customers, there will also be a need for personal advice and support. Where the team is behind More Service is available for specialized solutions and personal follow-up.

Then the subscription will More Service Enterprise Service Desk be the right choice.

More Service Enterprise Service Desk is also the subscription that allows Customers to use More Service in several departments. And where the departments can work together, even though they have different layouts adapted to each department.

More Service Enterprise Service Desk can also use options for the integrated chat and chatbot services.

What separates More Service Enterprise and Basic?



Minimum 18 months lock

30 days lock

Personal support

Online support

Personal consulting


Support for operational units


Custom API for integrations

Standard API for integrations

Volume discount possible

Solid price

Chatbot og chat


Partial manual implementation

One-click implementasjon

Customers can seamlessly upgrade from anytime More Service Basic to More Service Enterprise.


Take your first step towards streamlined Enterprise Service Desk.

Register today, and try out our Service Desk for 60 days! It's free and with absolutely no obligations!

Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Service Desk?

Can I upgrade from Basic to Enterprise license?

You can start with More Service Basic and upgrade your Enterprise license at any time. It’s basically the same solution, but basic has some limitations in that some features are locked down. Upon transfer to Enterprise License, these restrictions are removed. So the upgrade is completely seamless and you will not lose any data or settings with such a license change.

Does More Service Enterprise support Non-IT departments ?

Yes, Mores Service Enterprise support non-IT deptartments.
We have what we call operating units for your different departments. You can add as many operating units you need. Every operating unit get their own database so you can tailor made the servicedesk for each department. Departments can interact across even though each department works with fundamentally different work tasks, using different templates, categories, statuses, documentation, reports and more. This future are only available in the More Service Enterprise Service Desk.

What is an Agent?

Agent is the case manager who is supposed to process support requests in the solution. You pay a price per Agent per month in the solution.

Do you have prices for a simple Agent who just wants to do simple things in the solution?

Yes, with More Service Enterprise you can get a special price for simple Agent users or field agents who only perform simple agent operations in the solution.

What options do you have to integrate with external applications?

More Service Enterprise offers a long list of plugins and an open REST API that makes it easy to integrate with external applications. Read here for more info